Can CBD Help Children with Autism?

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Can CBD Help Children with Autism?

A growing number of cases in which children with epilepsy (a neurological disorder) have been helped by using cannabidiol (CBD) has made parents with severely autistic children wonder if it could help their children’s condition.


Autism is a neurodevelopment condition that covers a wide spectrum from very mild to so severe that the child can barely communicate and may engage in hurting himself or others. It is extremely difficult for the parent to witness this condition, especially if severe, without trying to do everything they can to alleviate the child’s symptoms and give him a better life. CBD has the possible potential to do just that. Even though there are, as yet, no real conclusive studies on giving CBD to severely autistic children, there are cases where the use of CBD has resulted in an improvement in the child’s behaviour, sometimes a very marked improvement.  After consulting doctors, parents in various countries decided to give CBD a try on their own initiative. Most parents are on their own because the lack of scientific research at present, makes it difficult for a doctor to prescribe this form of treatment. As of now, most doctors have not been told that it is a safe treatment for development or behavioural disorders but this will change surely when more research justifies the judicial use of CBD for autism.


The Autism Research Institute has found that CBD therapy does help children with autism in relieving symptoms such as aggressive behaviour including hurting oneself, explosive tantrums, sudden panic and different levels of anxiety. However, until more research is done, parents of autistic children must rely on the drugs that doctors are willing to prescribe which often do little and can have serious side-effects.


Those parents who are turning to CBD to help their children, frequently choose CBD in edible form, baked into brownies or cookies or fused into tea, as it is easy to administer. CBD oil has also been used by some parents with their child. Parents must search the internet to buy CBD oil, hemp oil or even cannabis and then experiment with it to see if their child can be helped. Some parents such as Marie Myung-Ok Lee, a teacher at Brown University and the author of Somebody’s Daughter, witnessed great changes in her autistic son after his using medical marijuana. The boy changed from frequent tantrums and aggression at school, hitting people for no reason, eating any clothing he wore and being non-communicative, to a child with far fewer tantrums, coming home from school with his clothes untouched, hitting much less and being able to communicate some of his needs to his parents without the usual frustration and anger. Impressive changes.


Parents are frustrated with a lack of options offered to help the severely autistic. Some believe that medical marijuana and CBD in various forms, will help autistic children and so are willing to give it a try. The responsibility is on each parent to find and buy the best product. It can be a daunting task but searching a good website, speaking with or reading about parents who have already tried it with their children and some trial and error might just lead to some wonderful improvements for an autistic child. Great care must be exercised, naturally, since you are dealing with children.

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