Using CBD to Alleviate the Pain of Migraines: You Can’t Argue with Success

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Using CBD to Alleviate the Pain of Migraines: You Can’t Argue with Success


Utilizing marijuana to treat headaches is not a recent practice but is one that has been used for a considerable time in history. Today, many people are examining CBD oils, tinctures and capsules to treat a severe headache or migraine. Migraines are extreme headaches that, for many people, cannot be relieved for days once they hit. It is best to manage or treat them before the actual pain becomes debilitating. Typically, a migraine sufferer must “ride out” the pain, secluding themselves in a dark room, fighting nausea and praying for the pain to stop. Using CBD for pain relief is showing impressive success in reducing the number of migraines and relieving the intensity of the pain once a migraine strikes. Many people prefer it to regular marijuana because they can avoid most of the THC which, as you likely know, is the component that can give you a “high”.


Presently, the major problem is that until marijuana and its various components, like CBD, are deemed legal, medical researchers hesitate to study the positive effects of CBD, which is a shame. Presently, there is not enough scientific proof as to the efficiency of CBD or marijuana to control or cure migraines, but there are a lot of case studies that show significant success for migraine sufferers using CBD oil, CBD in other forms and marijuana itself. You can’t argue with success.


If you are a migraine sufferer, and you want to explore CBD to see if it would help you, start with CBD oil or CBD tinctures or even CBD capsules because they give you an accurate measure of how much you consume. That way, you will know how much CBD oil, CBD tincture or CBD capsules it will take to stop the pain once it has started or to prevent the pain from even beginning. This way, you can choose the lowest possible dosage that will effectively help you. The drugs that exist right now to treat migraines are often not effective or have many side effects as many migraine sufferers know. CBD is virtually side-effect free.


When you understand that the body has its own endocannabinoid system, you can understand that cannabinoids (like CBD) bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body and shut down the neurotransmission of pain to the brain. Not only that, when this happens, inflammation is also held in check, lessening the migraine pain and even eliminating it.


As you get to know what works for you, you might even try CBD topicals, CBD edibles or cbd oil vaporizers to see if you find relief from those forms. It is always wise to speak to your medical practitioner first. More and more doctors are educating themselves about various forms of cannabinoids and may surprise you with their knowledge of them. If your present medication is not working, CBD products could be the perfect alternative for you. If CBD works for you, then you too will say to others, “You can’t argue with success”.

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