Is CBD the Best Remedy for Relieving Stress and Anxiety?

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Everyone experiences some measure of stress or anxiety, which is the body’s way of responding to a demand made on it or a threat to it. Too much stress and anxiety can be quite harmful to a person’s well-being and can cause physical and emotional pain. When your stress and anxiety levels are too high to contend with, you might visit your doctor who could prescribe drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Valium or Xanax, all brand-name drugs, all capable of producing negative side effects and of becoming addictive. For example, Valium, if mixed with alcohol, can be fatal and Xanax cannot be taken by people with sleep apnea. All of them can interact negatively with other medications.

Perhaps a much better treatment for stress and anxiety would be the use of cannabis, (containing both THC and CBD) in the form of cannabis oil, cannabis smoking or cannabis vaping. Or perhaps you would like to use something that will not create the psychotropic effects that the THC component of cannabis can do. It is important that you know that the component THC can actually make anxiety worse in some people. THC apparently affects an area of the brain (amygdala) that gives the fear message to the body. CBD does not have such an effect.

CBD oil and CBD hemp oil have only a trace of THC or none at all and are being hailed as having powerful anti-anxiety properties. If you suffer from too much stress, panic disorder, anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, CBD in its various forms, could be very useful. Look for a product that has a high concentration of CBD and a very low or non-existent level of THC. Many animal studies of CBD’s positive effect on anxiety have been conducted and proven but there is still not a large body of clinical trials with humans. CBD products such as CBD oil, do not have the many negative side effects of the often-used drugs to treat anxiety and stress (Prozac, Zoloft, Valium, Xanax) and could be more effective and efficient in reducing the potentially debilitating conditions produced by extreme stress or anxiety.

If you research various strains of marijuana on the internet, you will possibly feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you can view. I might mention just two strains for you to consider that are high in CBD and low in THC (other than hemp oil):

  • Ringo’s Gift with a ratio of approximately 24 to 1 of CBD to THC.
  • ACDC with an approximate ratio of 20 to 1 of CBD to THC.

Hemp-derived CBD products offer only trace amounts of THC, a good thing for anxiety and stress sufferers. Some people swear by CBD capsules, others prefer CBD oil or CBD vapes. The advantage to using oil or capsules is that you are able to tightly regulate how much product you consume and then record what works for you. However, any form can give you relief from severe anxiety or stress. But, you ask, how does CBD work on anxiety or stress? Simply stated, it positively impacts your serotonin levels. Serotonin, a chemical made by your nerve cells, allows signals to pass between nerve cells, helps to regulate body functions and is a natural mood stabilizer. CBD, it is thought, boosts the serotonin receptors’ ability to send signals thereby improving body functions and moods and reducing anxiety and stress.

CBD oil, CBD capsules or CBD in any form, can reduce anxiety and stress, including the social anxiety of public speaking. Since there are no negative side effects, trying it is an attractive option for most people suffering from stress and anxiety.

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