An Update on Canada’s Plan for Legalizing Marijuana

 In CBD Canada

Many young people have been using recreational marijuana on a regular basis and wonder how the new Canadian legalization of marijuana will affect them. For some, it will simply mean no fear of breaking the law but for others that will not be the case.

Some seniors, who have always been curious about medical or recreational marijuana, wonder if they will try it for the first time when the stigma of illegality is removed. Many have heard about the impressive medical relief sufferers have experienced by taking CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD tinctures or CBD vape juice, specifically for pain. They should know that CBD is already legal in Canada if sold by registered companies.  It might be interesting for seniors to experiment with cannabis either from an online cannabis store or soon in a cannabis store like an LCBO.

For Canadians and visitors to Canada, here is a break-down of how each province and territory is treating the impending legalization of marijuana. Of particular interest to young people will be the age limit imposed by each of the 13 provinces or territories. The federal government set the age limit at 18 years but each province and territory may choose its own.

  • British Columbia: the minimum age will be 19 and legal pot will be for sale in both private and public stores.
  • Alberta: the minimum age will be 18 and there will be a ban on selling cannabis alongside tobacco products, alcohol or pharmaceuticals. There will be private and public stores.
  • Saskatchewan has not decided yet but 21 years has been recommended as the minimum age. This may not stick as the provinces on either side of Saskatchewan have chosen 18 years (Alberta) and 19 years (Manitoba).
  • Manitoba: 19 years but the provincial government plans on banning the province’s citizens from growing marijuana plants in their homes even though the Federal government is allowing it. Those with a medical marijuana licence however, will be allowed to grow 50 marijuana plants.
  • Ontario: 19 years, the same as the drinking age. There will be stand-alone stores run by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.
  • Quebec: 18 years and the sale of cannabis will be controlled by Quebec’s liquor board.
  • New Brunswick: 19 years
  • Prince Edward Island: Has not yet decided but will probably follow suit with the other Atlantic provinces. (mostly 19)
  • Nova Scotia: Not firm as yet, but likely 19 years.
  • Newfoundland/Labrador: 19 years and the province’s Liquor Corporation will regulate and distribute it. Private industry will be permitted to sell marijuana with a permit.
  • Yukon:19 years
  • Northwest Territories: 19 years with the Liquor Board controlling distribution.
  • Nunavut: has not finalized a plan as yet. If they do not have a plan when the Cannabis Act becomes law, Nunavut will have to follow the federal rule of 18 years as the legal age along with all other regulations.
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