The “Medical Marijuana Expert” Addresses Some Concerns

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If you are like many others, you are not at all clear whether to use CBD alone, THC alone or a combination of the two in hopes of alleviating a specific ailment. Perhaps you have other questions when choosing to buy cannabis online, medical marijuana online or hemp oil online.  Dr. Rachna Patel, considered “The Medical Marijuana Expert” by many, runs a medical marijuana clinic in Walnut Creek, California (where marijuana will be legal as of January, 2018) and has some sage advice. Read further to see if what you want to know is in the following four points:

First, Dr. Patel uses THC, CBD and a combination of the two to treat different ailments:  She has found that CBD alone is successful in treating muscular conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis with spasticity. She professes that a combination of THC and CBD is good for auto-immune deficiency conditions such as psoriasis; it is applied topically to reduce inflammation and redness. She recommends THC alone for side effects such as nausea and vomiting following cancer treatments.

According to Dr. Patel, one of the conditions that medical marijuana can help is Parkinson’s, a neurological disease that causes tremors and muscle rigidity. The doctor says that she has effectively lessened tremors in her patients with medical marijuana. She has also seen great success when patients suffering from chronic arthritis use it.

When it comes to which form the cannabis (be it THC, CBD or a combination) should take, Patel says each one works differently and she tries to personalize the best method. For example, a person with a lung condition should not smoke or vape the treatment but rather use an oil or an edible. Actually, Patel does not recommend smoking the cannabis for any ailment as she believes there are healthier methods.

Are you still confused as to whether to buy hemp CBD oil or CBD cannabis oil? Patel points out that hemp CBD oil has less than 0.3% THC and CBD cannabis oil has more than 0.3% THC. Hemp oil then, has less THC and CBD cannabis oil has more. That knowledge may help guide you in your decision.


Second, Dr. Patel suggests that there are three questions you need to ask when choosing to buy CBD oil, hemp oil or medical marijuana:

1) Is the maker of the oil or product accountable to anyone? She suggests using state-licensed authorized facilities if you are ordering from the United States.

2) Is the product laboratory tested? You should be able to view the results if there have been tests done, particularly the THC and the CBD levels in the product you are buying.

3) In what solvent was the CBD extracted? She states strongly that you should not buy CBD that was extracted within a butane solvent because it can be harmful to your health.


Third, there are conditions that can interfere with the use of marijuana. Examples:

lung conditions, heart condition (fast heart rate) anyone who has had visual or psychotic episodes, women pregnant or breast-feeding, and children. It is important to speak to your doctor before trying any form of marijuana so that you both understand whether or not it is a viable option for your condition.


Fourth, do you ever question the quality of marijuana plants grown today? Dr. Patel states that they are now testing the plants to be sure the levels of pesticides are safe. Many plants test too high. There are very few regulations on pesticide use but that is changing. The danger is that hemp and marijuana plants tend to pull the pesticide and metals from the soil into the plant. Again, Patel recommends that you buy your products from a company that has laboratory testing to be safe. She questions marijuana that is labelled as “organic” as she feels that certified organic does not exist just yet.


Hopefully, these points have clarified your choice a little bit!

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