Why are there some CBD products with much higher CBD content?


CBD products can be categorized as either monocannabinoid (pure, isolated, research-grade compounds) or polycannabinoid (full-spectrum, raw, natural). Monocannabinoid are often used to increase the amount of total pure CBD in a product. When taken through vape, orally as tinctures, capsules, or infused food items, these monocannabinoid products are rarely effective and require 10 times as much CBD for the same potency as a CBD polycannabinoid variant. Higher does of CBD (over 200mg) often causes stomach pain and headaches due to the lack of other important cannabinoids and nutrients required to help with absorption in the body.

Pharmaceutical and clinical research has shown full-spectrum, polycannabinoid products leverage the existing natural chemical balance in the plant for optimum absorption and effectiveness.

Higher gradients of polycannabinoid is also available but typically blended with natural oils like coconut and vegetable oil for the specific purpose of ingestion through tincture drops or food items, however these are not vapable.

Many CBD brands often overstate their overall CBD content as well.

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